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Embroidered Baby Gifts
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We encourage you to explore the Red Thread Families website to view our
selection of unique embroidered gifts.  Be sure to check out our “Links” page for
links to other websites that we found to be of great support during the process of
adopting our daughter.  We hope you will check back with us often, as we will be
working to create new products that celebrate the wonder of Chinese adoption.

Cindy and Kevin Cassady
Adopting a baby is truly a
momentous occasion….
certainly one worth celebrating!
As proud parents of a daughter adopted
from China, we are always looking for
ways to incorporate Chinese culture into
our everyday lives.  
Our desire to find unique items that celebrate Chinese culture began while we were
still in the “paper chase” process of the adoption of our daughter.  During that time,
we looked for items to give to friends and family members as a way to introduce
them to Chinese culture.  In the years since we have become a “forever family,” we
have continued to look for ways to share our love of China with others.  We started
this company with this goal in mind.
The Cassady Kids