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Babipouce Asian                        Kim                                Calin Yang
These three sisters are beautifully made by the Corolle doll company.  Since
its founding in 1978, Corolle has achieved global recognition for its dolls,
winning more than 30 international awards for design and play excellence.  
In designing their dolls, the Corolle doll company places emphasis on quality
and durability.  Corolle dolls have soft bodies and a delicate vanilla
scent...perfect for cuddling!

Each Asian Corolle doll is special in its own way:  

Babipouce Asian is a perfect first doll for babies 12 months and older.

Calin Yang is sure to appeal to children 18 months and older.  

Kim doll is meant for toddlers.
To find out more about each of these beautiful dolls, click the links below:
Calin Yang