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Tell your child  (and the world)  how much
she/he means to you
...with these adorable
shirts and onesies!    

Choose from:
"You are the true good fortune of your family"
or "A nap is in my near future"

We also have a terrific shirt for
waiting parents...

"Sleepless nights are in my future"

(Are they ever... As parents of three
we can attest to that!)
Packaged in
an adorable
take-out box.
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Our soft cotton onesies have contrast stitching and feature the fortunes:
"You are the true good fortune of your family"  or  "A nap is in my near future"
For toddlers and juniors, we offer a white t-shirt with:
"You are the true good fortune of your family"
For waiting parents, we offer white and black t-shirts with the prediction:
"Sleepless nights are in my near future"
Black Shirt:

•  Made in the USA
•  100% cotton
•  Machine wash
White Shirt:
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