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Such a beauty!
The Kim doll is 14 inches tall with
fixed black eyes.  She has a soft
body with vinyl legs, arms and face.  
Her face is beautifully hand-painted.
 Her hair is long, soft and
gorgeous....just waiting to be

This beautiful doll comes dressed in
a two piece (pants and shirt) outfit.  
But, we just couldn't resist this dress
from Chinasprout.  
It really completes her look.

Kim doll is meant for
toddlers aged 3 years and up.  
The new Kim doll has arrived!

Kim now wears an adorable two-piece pink outfit and
her hair is styled with pink elastics.  Her bangs are
now curled rather than straight.  She even comes with
her own hairbrush!
To see the Chinasprout's butterfly dress for this doll,
click this link: